OpenSpades is an Open Source Voxel first-person shooter. The source is on GitHub where there are releases for Windows and MacOS. I help maintain a snap of OpenSpades, which you can get from the Snap Store.

Get it from the Snap Store


piqueserver is an Open Source server based on PySnip. The source is on GitHub and has documentation in case you’d like to run your own server.

popey spades

popeyspades is basically my own public server, running piqueserver, which I connect to with OpenSpades and play on with friends and random people on the Internet.

Like many people, I have enjoyed playing OpenSpades for some years. I like choosing the map I want to play on, but there’s not a huge number of servers out there, and many run maps I don’t want to play on, or are empty.

So was born my popey spades server. A place where I can play, and invite others to play too.


Support the costs associated with running this site and the popeyspades server via ko-fi or paypal. Alternatively sign up for a droplet using this link for Digial Ocean and maybe run your own server! :)