Got a bit bored during the Great Lockdown of 2020 and found myself playing a bit of OpenSpades. One thing led to another, and I decided to spin up a server, create a discord and register a domain. So here we are.

You’ll find my server “Good Vs Evil” in the list, and can ‘favourite’ it with a right click of the mouse. Maybe I’ll see you there.


Most servers have “blue” and “green” teams, or words in polish I don’t understand. I named the teams “Good” and “Evil” and coloured the characters white and black. I’ve put a few maps on the server that I personally like playing, and made it public.


Over the last week or so there’s been plenty of times where the server hits the 32-player maximum. It’s a fun game, toxic player chat and cheaters aside. I find it a great way to escape the world around me, dig tunnels, build barriers, and shoot people on the Internet. :)